Our Compass

Our Compass

“Maps, by definition, can help only in known worlds—worlds that have been charted before.

Compasses are helpful when you are not sure where you are and can get only a general sense of direction.”


With great reverence for human beings, we foster individual and organizational cross-disciplinary engagement to create growth opportunities inspired by diverse perspectives.


We cultivate a bias toward action and an iterative process of identifying pivots to fail fast and learn quickly. Accountability is key to optimizing achievements.


We are all connected; we share generously and create transparently while providing honest and direct feedback that meets people where they are today and enables them to show up better tomorrow.


We run toward what we don’t know in seeking the knowledge and experience to overcome the challenges we face and never cease our growth and development.

The SHIP Agreements

1. We hold reverence for human beings.

2. Beyond inclusion, we must create connections.

3. We take it personally. Every voice must be part of the process.

4. We work with good people with bad products or system design. Form always follows function.

5. We work from a “greater sum” model. We are stronger together.

6. We must first make sense of our work.

7. We must understand the problem before we approach it with an intervention. We are solving through individual and collective challenges.

8. Solutions are “iterative interventions.” Solutions create new problems to solve, solutions are not absolute.

9. Change is an external event. Transition is iterative personal developmental progress towards change.

10. Miscommunication often occurs when we have the same goals but different ways of achieving them.