The FellowSHIP is a developmental and experiential learning initiative for emerging leaders at an early stage or tipping point in their leadership journey who are seeking immersive experiences to accelerate growth and self-learning.

While each fellow designs a specific area of focus, our fellowship model is unique because the fellowship cohort collectively works under a shared vision for their research with a view towards a collaborative “greater sum” that amplifies the impact of their work for our partner organizations.

This inaugural cohort will shape the future of our Fellowship, which underscores the care taken in selecting our first recipients from an impressive applicant pool, and the importance we place on ensuring ample resource and development support throughout their journey.

2022 Fellowship Vision
Addressing the challenge of preparing students for a future of work where exponential technological progress will require continuous up-skilling and re-skilling to maintain employability and lead entrepreneurial ventures. Society lacks the infrastructure to support meaningful development and growth at the required pace, so people must be equipped with tools rooted in the psychology of learning science to consciously create those spaces for themselves. Our Fellows will be focused on creating new human-centered developmental learning models and researching innovative A.I. driven delivery methods.
Meet Our Fellows

Our fellows are founders, intrapreneurs, and educators working on frontier ideas in education. They come from diverse backgrounds and are grounded by a strong spirit of service. They share excitement about the potential of digital technologies to support innovative pedagogy at all levels of education and an optimistic belief that educational systems should be reimagined to adapt to the changing landscape of what it means to thrive in the Digital Age. They are united by a common purpose to build, join, and invest in innovative organizations at the forefront of creating a better future.

Jessica Darby

Jessica is a Social Development Specialist with eight years of professional experience in advocating for change, designing development programs, and strategizing for social impact. She has worked across sectors, including government agencies, non-profit organizations and the private sector in the areas of leadership development, youth development, and innovation in education. Jessica has a strong background in advocating for marginalized populations, particularly those affected by adversity and trauma.

Her most recent work focuses on developing educational technology interventions that addresses the challenges faced by under-served communities. She is currently developing an evidence-based model of learning and development interventions for youth transitioning into the workforce. Jessica is passionate about the potential of technology to promote social good and has worked to develop strategies that leverage emerging technologies to improve human well-being. Jessica has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and a Master of Arts Degree in International Relations.

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Matthew Christensen

Matthew is a lawyer and technology entrepreneur whose career has spanned the intersection of business, law, and technology.

After completing his graduate studies in international law and politics, Matthew worked for a regional law firm focused on emerging and frontier markets in Southeast Asia. He began his career as the Legal Assistant to the Chairman and worked his way up to Regional Project Manager and now serves on the Board of Directors as Corporate Secretary. During his tenure, he managed multilateral public-private partnerships, developed the firm’s corporate social impact strategy, authored a weekly legal advice column for the Bangkok Post, and built a network platform and mobile application to connect investment opportunities with venture funding. His work was recognized by the Financial Times and received the Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers Award 2020.

In addition to his legal work, Matthew also co-founded WeLearn, a digital technology startup providing educational services in Thailand. He developed a passion for mentoring young entrepreneurs and volunteered his time to support student-led organizations focused on environmental activism and sustainability. His leadership in the technology startup and social impact ecosystem in Southeast Asia has led to speaking engagements at numerous conferences for business leaders, such as Techsauce Global Summit and Asian Venture Philanthropy Network.