The Fellow(ship) is a development and experiential learning initiative for emerging leaders at an early stage or tipping point in their leadership journey who are seeking immersive experiences to accelerate growth and self-learning. While each fellow designs their own research project, our program is unique in that it is based on a collaborative ‘greater sum’ model where fellows are placed with partner organizations in peer-learning teams to collectively grow as leaders and to amplify the impact of their work for our partners.

In addition to a grant that covers all necessary expenses to execute their projects, fellows receive training and mentorship in leadership development, community building, and narrative framing alongside continuous support in building and executing strategies to turn their ideas into realities. This inaugural cohort will shape the future of our Fellow(ship), which underscores the care taken in selecting our first recipients and the importance we place on ensuring ample resource and development support throughout their journey.

2022 Fellows

This year’s theme: “Building a learning community obsessed with reinventing education”

Our fellows are founders, intrapreneurs, and educators working on frontier ideas in education. They come from diverse backgrounds and are grounded by a strong spirit of service. They share excitement about the potential of digital technologies to support innovative pedagogy at all levels of education and an optimistic belief that educational systems should be reimagined to adapt to the changing landscape of what it means to thrive in the Digital Age. They are united by a common purpose to build, join, and invest in innovative organizations at the forefront of creating a better future

The objectives of this Fellow(ship) are twofold:

1.To foster experimentation with technology interventions that assist in solving pedagogical challenges within their teaching and learning contexts.

2.To generate preliminary research on the effectiveness of those education technology interventions to be scaled to create systems change.

Meet Our Fellows

Matthew Christensen

Matthew is the co-founder of WeLearn, a social enterprise that provides underprivileged youth with access to quality education by integrating online coursework and experiential activities into a learning journey tailored to each child’s abilities which explores real-world issues using a multi-disciplinary framework. Matthew has ten years’ experience in the legal field, with a focus on clean energy generation and cross-border transmission in emerging economies and holds an advanced degree in International Relations. Matthew is an avid practitioner of Buddhism and currently resides in Thailand.

Jessica Darby

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