Block Quotes

Rather than shift the blame to schools or organizations for their inability to respond in a way for which they were never designed, I believe in the power of like-minded individuals collaborating outside conventional systems to help ourselves and others learn how to learn in new ways that meet the unique challenges and opportunities of our era.
Kory Junior
After studying leadership and learning I was drawn to understanding the meaning of leader(ship). The origin of the word ‘ship’ comes from vessel, and in old English means ‘shape.’ Adding ship to the end of a word can denote quality, skill, action, or even position in office.
Alan Valdokh

I love to learn but have spent my lifetime in formal and informal learning settings that did not meet my needs, so I decided to create something radically different for myself, and in doing so, built a framework to share with others.

Valtteri Erkin

My learning journey has spanned a multitude of countries, educational systems, and approaches to learning. Throughout all these experiences I have found phenomenal educators and learners who are authentically passionate to grow and develop but are constrained inside systems driven by quantifiable performance metrics that emphasize standardization over optimizing individual learners by responding to their needs.

Anar Norwood